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Просмотр полной версии : [SELL]indian bank logins cheap[SELL]

01.11.2009, 20:55
Only serious ppl send your ICQ/MSN via PM.
For 50$ you get random login from the bank you chose, it may have 1$ or 1m.
Payments: LR/WMZ.

* icicibank.co.in - 3 logins for 100$ limited offer
* onlinesbi.com
* sbtonline.in
* iconnect.co.in
* standardchartered.co.in
* unionbankonline.co.in
* axisbank.co.in
* bankofindia.com


- for 50$ u're getting fully worked login with random balance.
- i do not replace worked logins.
- i can check for balance but that will cost you additional 20$
- if you buy more logins in once you can get bonus or discount.
- dont even contact me if u're ripper or time waster = BLOCK.

02.11.2009, 08:47
Good seller ......

02.11.2009, 09:34
Hi . yes aLek is a good member from C.su with good reputation .
Btw aLek if your intrested in cashing them i can get any india bank drop asap and process the funds real fast . Otherwise ill surely come to you when i need to buy some logins.

04.11.2009, 14:57
Am interested but why not get verified?

08.11.2009, 00:21
no need of getting verified for now , I ACCEPT ESCROW.

11.11.2009, 08:00
Please Be Online To Sever Us . Thank You.