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Просмотр полной версии : ZeuEsta.

09.12.2009, 18:28
Zeus+ZeuEsta 7.0.

Q: What is ZeuEsta 7.0?
A: ZeuEsta is a Mix of the ZeuS Trojan its own Exploit Kit by h1t3m.

Q: How does ZeuEsta work?
A: ZeuEsta works by silently redirecting traffic from websites to your ZeuEsta exploit page.
It will attempt to download and execute the ZeuEsta bot on un patched systems to start logging valuable data.
After the bot is installed on a system it will begin to log all outgoing connections to your statistics panel.

ZeuEsta is capable of the following:
* Exploit unpatched Internet Explorer (All versions)
* Exploit unpatched Firefox (1/2)
* Exploit unpatched Opera (9.62 and below)
* Exploit Adobe Reader 6/7/8 (All browsers)
* Log outgoing browser connections
* Log outgoing FTP connections
* Log outgoing POP3 connections
* Log all IE site cookies
* Log site passwords
* Log ANY site defined in config
* Steal banking information / accounts
* Steal Credit Cards
* Issue remote commands
* Download and execute files
* Get website certificates
* View ScreenShots
* Use bots as elite socks proxy server
* Host file override (Site blocking)
* Check refers from which sites you get most hits
* View exploit statistics to see exploit ratio for your traffic
* Plus lots more

Payment: Webmoney.
ICQ: 593-085[-]502