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Просмотр полной версии : Wu/Mg/Xoom/Remit2india

02.11.2009, 09:20
Sevices Offered

WesternUnion Drops (Any Name)

MoneyGram Drops (Any Name)

Xoom Drops (Any Name)

Remit2India Drops (www.remit2india.com)

Service Charges

WesternUnion : 33% for any amount (Excluding sending fees)

MoneyGram : 33% for any amount

Xoom : 40% for any amount

Remit2India : 50% for any amount

Payment Methods

LibertyReserve & Webmoney (takes few hours to process)


International Debit Card Shipment (After 2-3 deals)
Note:If the client has msr i can give him the tracks of the International Debit (better than shipping)

[ICQ]: 565645328

[MSN]: [email protected]

[Yahoo]:[email protected]

Guys looking for Specific Countries like : Pakistan - Canada - Usa - Sweden - Spain - Uk ... Can also contact me .

03.11.2009, 10:58
PM Please . Thank You.

03.11.2009, 12:44
icq : 565645328

yahoo : [email protected]

05.11.2009, 19:47
Please no one deal with this Indian ripper till he pays me what he owes me, 1st i send him 370 pounds (420 euros) and he lies that what was he picked up was 320 pounds, eventually he made me an offer to send me 70% of the 320 pounds and pick another mtcn transfer for free and all i have been hearing are empty promises of sending me my money daily.

No one should deal with this lame Indian ripper
Below is the link of the black list thread showing logs