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Просмотр полной версии : CARDING AND DROPPING

16.12.2009, 20:51
I provide two services:

1. Carding+Dropping

I can card almost anything, of course with some reason (I can't card a house or a car...well... if you provide a Centurion I might do...hahaha), then ship to my drop and then to the address you provide.
You provide me with one cvv for your order (sometimes it might take few to card wanted item), and one for my item (as a payment). I card these items and send them to my drop and then to yours.

Simple as that.

2. Drop

You card an item and use my drop. When you card this item you card one for you and one for me- as a payment.

This service is available only for trusted members.!!

ICQ: 574353222
[email protected]

17.12.2009, 15:31
As you can see- I don't sell stuff. I offer "exchange".
I don't ask for money for my service, do I ?
I was a verified member @ ghostmarket. When GM was hacked I stopped carding
for a while.

19.12.2009, 06:51
Scammer Alert! Scammer Alert! Scammer Alert!

I gave him a few cvv's and he disappeared. Do not deal with this guy.


22.12.2009, 18:12
cardme- I don't remember you giving me any card... :/ So stop selling this bullshit.

Wayllising- I had different nick on GM you silly tart... :/

What is this? Did any1 checked me before calling me a scammer? Silly kids...:/

23.12.2009, 14:53

23.12.2009, 19:24
I do agree- LOL

26.12.2009, 00:36
Service is still ON.
Now I mainly card shops in USA. European I can card with fullz (cos of verified by VISA/MC)- it's easier but not a must.


01.01.2010, 22:25
carding HP Pavillon. any1 interested?

10.01.2010, 16:47
Service is still on. Now carding Apple Macbook from german shop. pm me.

21.01.2010, 12:53
Service is still on. Now carding Apple Macbooks from german shop. pm me or add me on ICQ, i'm usually invisible. cheers

21.01.2010, 13:11
U cannot afford $1 and buy card?

21.01.2010, 17:55
LOL. I have plenty of cvv's mate. it's about business deal. and security.
learn more about carding and then give ur opinion.

21.01.2010, 18:54
learn more abt carding? u shitting my ass...
u have many cvv yet u dont card with it, but u get 1 cvv from ppl and card with it.. security and business? what ? u 6 yr old or what? u not fooling ur nigerian mate so shut the fucking up

21.01.2010, 19:05
this guy is a ripper...deal and you'll be sorry

22.01.2010, 01:31
nigerian? hahahaha. funny little boy.
u don't have to deal with me if u don't want to. your choice.
my service is for ppl who can't card by themselves. simple as that u twat.

22.01.2010, 06:59
Ur a ripper kid who rip ppl for 1-2 cc's and run away.. go rip np and live rich u bastard .. off 1-2 cc

22.01.2010, 14:13
yeah only idiots fall for this shit. Why in the world someone would offer this service actually legit is beyond me,

23.01.2010, 14:58
Admin should ban this twat for giving reputation too many times. Also, he didn't do any business with me so he has no right to give me rep points.. :/

23.01.2010, 15:03
go moan at your mom not here

23.01.2010, 16:17
sod off u little twat.

29.01.2010, 15:57
jarrenwest you have time till Monday to prove u card or you just use words.
Kasparov if i see u giving - Rep just for the Love of "Talking"you are banned together with all of your "friends

02.02.2010, 18:44
jarrenwest - banned !