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Просмотр полной версии : European Bank drop

31.12.2009, 03:50
Available services:

[PayPal Cashing]

Available cash out options:

Max cash out with single account - 250$
Max cash out daily - 1000$

Also have brand new idea of cashing 2k+ at once, really worth trying!

All transfers are being done by buying my items, I will be sending victim dummy boxes to receive tracking number(winning claim) .
Long term business available, I can increase daily ammount of cash out with your request within 10 days.

Available instant cash out options :

SWIFT 16 hour upto 1200GBP Daily
SWIFT 16 hour upto 1200GBP Daily
SWIFT 16 hour upto 1200GBP Daily
SWIFT 16 hour upto 2000GBP Daily
SWIFT 16 Hour upto 5000GBP Daily

[b]Now available UK drops!

All uk banks available, contact ICQ for deal!

Share in Less then 16 hours garuanteed after successful transfer.
All limits can be combined, if requested can increase maximum daily cash out with your request ( still only upto 5k GBP per transfer)

Available 100k+ cash out options :

Upto 300k-3000k EURO ( can be done in multiple transfers, will need all sender info delivered day before transfer to register in receivers system )
Successful transfer/s will be cashed out within 1 hour, money delivered within 12 hours, share paid within 13hours, via your desired method.

[Payment info]

Shares are being paid right after completed cash out.
Shares can be paid by your desired payment method (WU within 30 mins, LR,wmz within 12hours (will have to use merchant))

[Additional info]

Feel free to ask anything in ICQ :)

[Contact info]

ICQ - 551080759

16.01.2010, 13:48
nUlL IS a little boy school !!!

he s a ripper

he still me 4000 £ from bank transfer .



18.01.2010, 21:02
Jesus crist. I've send you statements, card pictures, everything you asked. Noone has to say any bad words about me besides you.

And when i asked for screenie of payment sent you did not replied ... for 2 days ! Before you said "it's blocked now can't do it"

Moreover, I asked to send transfer in 10am morning, so that when it comes my people cashes it out instantly, going to bank. But no, when i came back online he send it after 5pm, when my people can't go bank. So it was probably your fault or my killed bank drop, sending money regardless.

Plus, there are people that happily uses my service without any complains.

My experienced friends all admitted it was a bad idea to deal with you. Even thought you "might" have logs, they all said you're not sure how to use it.

19.01.2010, 15:39
hey nuil,did u give 1 hsbc acc to gucci?i think i was the person who transfer money on that account :)))),i didnt get scrrenshot becoz i provide him the confirmation message :)))),give m the name of that account what u give to him ...its Jonas ........ ??

25.01.2010, 19:13
yes you were. Yes, the name is correct. add me on icq, we gotta talk

---------- Сообщение добавлено в 08:13 PM ---------- Предыдущее сообщение размещено в 08:04 PM ----------

Lmao, Gucci you're an idiot. Now i got person who transfers for you , we talk like serious people, not like underaged kiddies, yelling and screeming. I'll provide him any info he will ask. Nor like you don't even know any words but swearing. GJ killing my rep, Too bad it's obvious you're a timewaster and idiot. Many serious people said it