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Просмотр полной версии : [SELL] Configuration and Installation of Zeus [All Versions Available]

05.01.2010, 19:07
I am offering complete solution for everyone who wants to start with zeus.

I have the following Zeus versions available: + FireFox Module 100wmz / LR + Firefox & Opera Module 250wmz / LR + Firefox Module 350wmz / LR

Our advantages:

- We install on your server / hosting for free with everything configured.
Or you can get bullet proof hosting from our partner in Iran (1 month free)
- We crypt your exe once a week free of charge
- 1000 bots will be installed for you. (countries can be choosed)
- 27/7 noob friendly support. Every question will be answered.

Builder of the version will be given to the customer.
(includes webinjects, admin panel, config, server files, builder)

Contact ICQ 593-948-980

What is Zeus:
Zeus is a formgrabber trojan / botnet which is used for collecting bank logins,
paypals, email + pass. You receive all the logs of the infected computer (bot)
and also can take screenshot of the bot.

What can I use it for:
You can have zeus for many different purposes. But zeus is a banking trojan
so majority of its users use it for grabbing bank account logins as zeus comes
with webinjects of almost all banks.

How can I get infected computers and get many logs to get in track?
You will be on track with 1000 installs (bots) from me for free from any country
u choose.

More about zeus: (stories abt it)

ZeuS - software to steal personal user data from remote systems, Windows. On
plain language of "Troy", "backdoor", "virus". But the author does not like these words, therefore, further documentation
He will call this software "Bot".

Boat is fully based on the WinAPI Interception in UserMode (Ring3), this means that the bot does not use
no drivers or downloads in Ring0. This feature makes it possible to run even from Bota
Guest Account Windows. Plus, it ensures greater stability and adaptability
subsequent versions of Windows.

Bot is developed in Visual C + + version 9.0 +, with no additional libraries are used
Type msvcrt, ATL, MFC, QT, etc. Bot code is written with the following priorities (in descending order):
1. stability (carefully checked all the results of the call functions, etc.)
2. size (to avoid duplication of algorithms, repetitive calls, functions, etc.)
3. speed (not the type of instruction while (1 ){..}, for (int i = 0; i <strlen (str); i ++){..}).

Functions and features bot:
1. Sniffer traffic for the protocol TCP.
1.1. Interception of FTP logins on any port.
1.2. Interception of POP3 logins on any port.
1.3. The interception of any data from the traffic (a personal request).

2. Intercepting HTTP / HTTPS requests to wininet.dll, ie all programs working with this
library. This includes Internet Explorer (any version), Maxton, etc.
2.1. Substitution ..

3. The functions of the server.
3.1 Socks4/4a/5.
3.2 Bekkonekt for any services (RDP, Socks, FTP, etc.) on the infected machine. You can
access to a computer that is behind a NAT, or, for example, that
banned from the internet connection.
3.3 Getting a screenshot of your screen in real time.Plus you will have 24/7 support. We are always ready to help u and answer all ur questions.
Don't worry if u have never worked on it before or u don't know of bots, trojan at all, no problem.
We will guide you out.

Contact ICQ 593-948-980 NOW!!

(1/09) + Firefox module added + Holiday prices

06.01.2010, 00:33
Is domain included in price?

06.01.2010, 00:48
zeus without domain = useless.
totally dude

07.01.2010, 02:29
First customer discount price + FireFox Module $300!! + Firefox & Opera Module $500!!

1k install
crypting weekly

Hurry up!!!!
Add 593-948-980 :)

Offer finished :D
+ Holiday Offer now in stock

08.01.2010, 05:14
how much would the monthly price be if i will host the botnet on your partners server in iran ?

08.01.2010, 20:50
$50 per month, bulletproof. 99.9% uptime. no chance of datacenter being raided, we don't give a fuck about fbi in iran. supports php, mysql.

09.01.2010, 00:31
New version of zeus botnet added in service.
Holiday special price now in stock. + FireFox Module 100wmz / LR + Firefox & Opera Module 250wmz / LR + Firefox Module 350wmz / LR

Ends soon! Hurry up :D

09.01.2010, 19:48
gogo bro i didnot get responce what shud i think ?

10.01.2010, 06:17
Please get online on icq ;)

thank u

11.01.2010, 19:38
Service still offered.
WMZ protection code deal welcome.
Escrow service welcome.

I am contacting all mods/admins to get unbanned (aka gogo)
Ban was due to clone accounts.


13.01.2010, 14:24
check icq for big big bonuses :eek::eek::eek:
New zeus setup for customer :)
took screenshot to show others, that im serious.

we allow wmz protection code
forum escrow :D
no way u get ripped!!

best of luck

13.01.2010, 15:14
how come this guy claims u ripped him for $180?

13.01.2010, 15:22
Not ripped. Some misunderstanding.
Solved :)

14.01.2010, 17:07
Great service!

His special really is quite special, thank you very much & hope to do more business in the near future. :)

14.01.2010, 19:48
Im stopping service.
ICQ = don't contact.

Too much noobs just hammer me on icq ;)

14.01.2010, 19:52
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