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Просмотр полной версии : SeLL Spam TooL

08.01.2010, 14:53
hallo everyone i have some tool for spamming
maybe u interest to buy.
metode payment only libertyreserve...
this is mylist

phpMailer / Smtp / Webmail
SSH acces root / RDP window server 2003(remote dekstop Connection)
CpaneL / FTP / C99 (phpshell)
Upload ScamPage / build scampage wht u wanted
Fresh Email List fresh Lead UK / US /DE /CA and worldwide Country

contact : [email protected]

08.01.2010, 20:52
anyone who gets ripped by this guy deserves it ;)
google [email protected] and get ur answer :)

09.01.2010, 00:25
thats not me...:),to much people using freshdump nick