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Просмотр полной версии : a laptop to a us drop

28.01.2010, 17:17
I have a drop in USA (California). Need a laptop. I am ready to pay 10% of price (only throu escrow). Interested? pm me.

28.01.2010, 17:40
ha! lol... man, you gotta pay 35-40%. thats like our rules..

28.01.2010, 18:04
this is one crazy dude here

28.01.2010, 18:29
this is one crazy dude here

I can pay more than 10%. how much you want?

29.01.2010, 02:00
We have some services right here on this forum that are buying the requested shit for 25-45% depending on service quality and goods you're shipping.

So, if you want new laptop, just offer more than that. Let's say - 45-50%. Also, you gonna pay the escrow.