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Просмотр полной версии : Selling us pp. ebay gc

06.11.2009, 09:17
Hi. i'm selling us pp accounts. and ebay GC

For paypal accounts:
8$=verified+cc attached
$8 pp will gurantee $100 instant transfer. maybe it can send more, but its not guaranteed
if u want >$100 guaranteed, pay $8+(guaranteed amount-100)*3%
if u want me to send money to somebody else, u should pay extra fees $2
for example, u want $400 guaranteed "instant transfer", u should pay $8+(400-100)*3%=$17; and if u want me to transfer $400 to other pp user, u should pay $17+$2=$19


Payment: LR&wmz

MSN:[email protected]
ICQ: 590974015

**********need constant buyer.
looking for paypal cashout, need cooperator who can do long term business