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: Alexa Rank Booster - Fake Traffic Generator (Fake Hit Pro v2.2)

22.10.2011, 16:43
Here's what RankingBooster will do for you:
increase your rankings on Alexa.com by a minimum 50%
your ExactSeek site ranking will rise with your Alexa ranking.
your rankings will increase on other traffic ranking sites.
will help boost your rankings in other search engines even if they don't rely on Alexa or any kind of traffic ranker.
also there are many internet shoppers who are still very skeptical of where there going to do there business online so they usually go where the others are going and they usually use Alexa.com or other traffic rankers to see how your site ranks. So the better your ranking the more business you'll get because the user will feel very confident in you!

How does it work?
The Ranking Booster is set up into a simple 3 step process. You enter your URL select a proxy file which is loaded of different proxies (this generates the fake traffic) then hit SEND! Almost like an email! Run the software every day and you are guaranteed to see results! We have even designed the software so that you can control the maximum amount of users and users per hour!

To sum up the Ranking Booster software you are basically feeding your site fakes traffic to generate better ranking results for your site!

Download : http://www.multiupload.com/1LVY00UJSD

16.11.2011, 16:10
This good

17.11.2011, 22:34
Did somebody tested it?

30.11.2011, 06:18
with panda update from google the rules have changed

27.10.2012, 21:41
Ho thanks !!

27.10.2012, 21:56
Please post virustotal report