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Просмотр полной версии : [Card/Drop/Ship] Rec0n's Deal

08.11.2009, 02:14
Whats this about?

Basically my service offers me to card the item you are wanting aswell as card the item I want, I will then have it deliverd to my drop and reship it to your location free of charge anywhere in the world.

Whats the cost?

My service seems too good to be true but it only costs 1 credit card, aslong as it is a "Visa" card this is all it will cost. The reason this being is because Visa cards usually have a higher rate of loan/actual credit meaning I can make the most out of it.

Why is it so cheap?

Its cheap because after I have ordered your and myself's item I can then use the card for other personal things thats why I ask once you have given me the card you never use it or give it away again because this wont be fair on me as im taking all the risks.

Your Saftey!

I personally like to offer you the maximum saftey and no bullshit, this is why when the order has been dispatched I will give you the tracking code just so you can make sure where the parcel is and how long its going to take, as a extra piece of security when I recieve the item I will show it you on webcam before you give me your shipping address, this is by far the best method of saftey and no other drop spot offers this.

Other information!

My current drop is located in the UK and is 100% guarenteed to work, I go by the rule of every item ordered has to be the size of a console box (360, PS3, Wii) because of various reasons. You may think this is a scam or too good to be true but it isnt because I always order a item for myself a little higher than the item you want so I can cover postage and handling costs.

Contact and Questions!

If you have any other questions or want to contact me about a drop then please use the following;

MSN (Messenger): [email protected]
Email (Webmail): [email protected]
Phone (Skype): TalkRec0n

08.11.2009, 18:02
Open for a first drop.